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Fiber Network

Majal Est for IT Networks & Communication (MNC) stepped in the field to serve the nation and to promote “Low current system”
specially in communication and Security System

Fiber Network

MNC also installs fiber networks in Saudi Arabia. MNC was formed to oversee the construction, maintenance and leasing of the required miles, high-capacity fiber optic network in the city. The network was built through a combination of a federal grant and private investment. MNC mission is to enhance ‘middle mile’ fiber access for carriers looking to provide quality services to customers in many areas of Saudi Arabia.

Our potential customers include entities with a high demand for data transmission and data networks. In accordance with the initial federal grant application, A portion of the installation of the network has been reserved for use by the Government Ministries. The network is expected to have more than sufficient capacity to meet customer needs for the foreseeable future.

The MNC network is available to all qualified users on an equal basis. None of our customers are to be given preferential treatment.

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