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Burglar Alarm System

Majal Est for IT Networks & Communication (MNC) stepped in the field to serve the nation and to promote “Low current system”
specially in communication and Security System

Burglar Alarm System

MNC contributes the latest technology in Burglar Alarm System which has become one of the major requirements of the public as well as all kinds of Buildings, which will be giving full security from thieves and intruding. MNC introduced Burglar Alarm System in 2003. We have worked to bring the benefits of new technology and systems to our customers. Though we have grown over the years, our mission has remained the same: to provide the best possible security technology and customer service to protect homes and businesses across Saudi Arabia.

MNC is now one of the leading independent security systems integration and monitoring company. We have a fleet of fully-licensed technicians available for routine service calls or emergency repairs. MNC installs Burglar Alarms in all types of property from single-family homes to multi-site banks and retail operations to major public and historic venues.

The special features of Burglar Alarm System are the Security Guard or Owner of the company will receive automatic call, when alarm is trigger and more than one Mobile numbers can be programmed. We can provide Password for more than one user. There will be protection of boundary with the photo beam detectors and protection of Storeroom with the shock sensors. We also have Protecting doors and windows with the Contacts and protect offices and rooms with motion detectors. There will be availability of wireless system for ready buildings.

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